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Guidance and Counseling

Guidance and counseling are the type of service for students in solving both academic and non academic problems, to help them to study in more secure condition. Guidance and counseling are the proactive and systematic efforts in facilitating students to achieve the optimal level of development, to have a good behavior, ethics, morals, and religious norms.

The duties of the counseling division are as follows:

  1. provide the guidance and counseling services in general, to assist students in personal development and social skill during the study.
  2. The Lecturers of this division have a duty in helping students are as follows:
    1. Helping and finding suitable solution for the students, in academic and non Academic problems
    2. Helping the lecturers to increase the potential of students in both the academic and also non-academic field.
    3. Helping the department to solve ethics and moral violation problems, this is committed by individuals or groups of students.
    4. Conducting counseling programs to train students mentally and spiritually, through Religious motivational development in cooperation with other parties.

The working hours of guidance and counseling:
Day: Monday - Friday outside teaching time
Hours : 8:00 to 13:30 pm
Place : Guidance and counseling room of each department

Below is the flow of guidance and counseling activity:

The students who have problems both academic and non-academic, and after being given treatment by faculty guidance and counseling but ultimately resigned should make a resignation letter that addressed to the Dean of FTIK and is known by the head of department and division head of guidance and counseling.